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Great experience with doctors and staff at Stitch MD. My eight year old son had a fairly deep cut on his forehead after a pool accident so we knew a plastic surgeon would be a better choice than urgent care. Dr. Payman Danielpour had great bedside manner with my son and really seemed to care. At my son's request, Tom and Jerry cartoons were put on in the surgery room and distraction ensued.

John K.Los Angeles

My 19 month old son took a spill and cut his chin open. Stitched up at cedars ER, BUT, what you don't realize is that getting those stitches out is going to be an issue. Our pediatrician was stymied by the stitching and our son was freaking out while they tried to figure things out - so we aborted. Heard about Stitch MD from friends...we showed up first thing without an appointment and Dr. Danielpour, took one glance in the lobby and said "bring him back." I think we were done within 3 minutes and my son didn't shed a single tear. Wish more doctors cared this much.

David P.Los Angeles

I cannot thank Dr. Danielpour enough for coming to our rescue. My 2 yr. old little girl split her head open and we went to the Cedars Sinai ER. We were lucky enough that Dr. Danielpour happened to be there treating a private patient. He so graciously came over to check her out and stitch her up, instantly putting us at ease. He did a beautiful job and treated us with the utmost care and compassion. Such a wonderful bedside manner.

The medical world truly needs more doctors like him!

Alison B.Los Angeles

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