Accidents Happen…

We’ve all been there: a great night out on the town, a few too many cocktails, and an accidental trip. The result? A cut on the face, a split lip, or a black eye. What is our first, knee-jerk response? Head to the Emergency Room, where long wait times, costly bills and a scar that looks like it was sewn up in the back garage await.

Or another common scenario: your small child running around the house like they’re Usain Bolt, only the finish line becomes the corner of a coffee table or a spill down the stairs. Again, the first response? Head to the ER. Isn’t it even MORE important in this scenario to have a well-hidden scar that won’t haunt them into their teen years?

Simple solution: Call Stitch MD.

Stitch MD is the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group’s answer to 24-hour emergency service for expert laceration repair. As specialists in this area, Stitch MD plastic surgeons are highly-trained and experienced in suture methods that help to minimize scars. And the best part? They are available 24-hours/day, 7 days/week!

You avoid the hours of waiting in the emergency room sitting next to the 4 people that are coughing, vomiting and spreading germs. At Stitch MD, you are seen promptly in the office, in a comfortable environment.You also avoid the ridiculous emergency room bills that are often several thousand dollars just to be SEEN. At Stitch MD, you are charged a single fee which includes the consultation, the procedure, as well as multiple follow-ups, that is a quarter of the price of an ER visit.

You miss wasting your entire evening meeting new sick friends and drinking hospital coffee

In the unfortunate event that you hurt yourself, call Stitch MD to take care of you right away! Avoid the cost and long wait times of the Emergency Room! 1-855-STITCH-LA

Stitch MD is Always Ready
To help the “Weekend Warrior”
who experiences an unlucky
accident working on home improvements projects.
Stitch MD is Prepared
When a young athlete suffers
from an accidental kick to the
shin during the biggest game of the year.
Stitch MD is the Place
When the next baseball star
takes a wild pitch to the face.Our
skilled plastic surgeons are ready to help.