Great experience with doctors and staff at Stitch MD. Dr. Payman Danielpour had great bedside manners with my son and really seemed to care. At my son's request, Tom and Jerry cartoons were put on in the surgery room and distraction ensued.

John K.Los Angeles, CA

My 19 month old son took a spill and cut his chin open. Heard about Stitch MD from friends...we showed up first thing without an appointment and Dr. Danielpour, took one glance in the lobby and said "bring him back." I think we were done within 3 minutes and my son didn't shed a single tear. Wish more doctors cared this much.

David P.Los Angeles, CA

My daughter had a wide cut under her lip from a fall. The ER used glue, but it didn't look like it was going to heal well. I called Stitch MD after hours and they saw my daughter right away. I couldn't be happier!

Amy A.Santa Monica, CA

I cannot thank Dr. Danielpour enough for coming to our rescue. My 2 yr. old little girl split her head open and we went to the Cedars Sinai ER. We were lucky enough that Dr. Danielpour happened to be there treating a private patient. He did a beautiful job and treated us with the utmost care and compassion. The medical world truly needs more doctors like him!

Alison B.Los Angeles

My 10 month old baby slipped and fell in the bathtub and got a gash above his eye. I called Dr. Danielipour's Stitch MD, and within minutes he called me back. He was so nice and welcoming and I really appreciated his honesty. His office staff was also so friendly and accommodating. Dr. Danielpour put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Danielipour and would definitely go to him again.

Shelley A. Beverly Hills, CA

I highly recommend BHPSG. My 9 year old daughter had 7 stitches directly above her eye. Dr. Danielpour calmed her down and took such great care of her that she didn't shed a tear. Now, 6 months later you can't even see the stitches! Amazing results.

Shirin Y.Beverly Hills, CA